Thank You Volunteers!

A huge thank you goes out once again to the following people who worked at our October 18th game when we hosted Honokaa.  Many thanks to our dedicated parents and staff who give their time to keep our athletic program running.

John Wolf

Raelynn Iopa

Gerald Zemke

Donna Wong-Yuen

Rosalyn Ige

Jason Barrozo

Ashley Silva

Denise Silva

Kaitlyn Silva

Pua Bentosino

Cheryl Lunsford

Shannon Watanabe

Michelle Carvalho

Josette Kaohu

Kainoa Kaohu

Ceci Kahooilihala

Tyrone Kahooilihala

Emmy Hernandez

Jay Chow Jr.

Kailey Lapina

Tonisha Baybayan

Christina Chow

Maya Kalalau


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