October 18th FB Volunteers

Thank you to all of the following people who have volunteered to work at our home game versus Honokaa.  Don’t forget to stay after the game when we recognize our senior players!

JV Game – Please report to the concession at 4:30:

Piilani Sevao

John Wolf

Raelynn Iopa

Gerald Zemke

Donna Wong-Yuen

Lorilynn Rapoza

Tammy Yamashita

Jason Barrozo

Varsity Game – Please report to the concession following the JV game:

Shannon Watanabe

Donna Wong-Yuen

Pua Bentosino

Josette and Kainoa Kaohu

Shirley Enos

Diane Mercado

Maya Kalalau

Stadium Clean-Up:  JV and VARSITY PLAYERS!  Don’t forget to help clean up after your game in our stadium.  We all need to do our share to keep the program running!

Mtume Msikizi-Jackson

Laine Nau

Taione Nau

Blade Ota

Elijah Perreira

Kona Pomroy

Richard Sevao

Ashley Silva

Dathan Toribio

Ofa Vulangi

Kyle Wolf

Jelani Young

Stephen Zemke

David Paulino

Kelson Rapoza

Bryce Ruegg

Jeremiah Santana

Clayton Saragosa

Travis Silva

Noah Spencer

Chivas Tejada

Poi Vulangi

Evan Watanabe


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